Thursday, 8 September 2016

Why Everyone Should Buy Generator In Nigeria — Helen Paul

Comic actress Helen Paul has advised that everyone should buy generator as a means of beating the problem of power in the country.

The actress who once used candles to study as an undergraduate didn’t find the experience funny has opted for generator when there is no light.

Meanwhile, she hates mosquitoes. Who doesn’t ? “Mosquitoes. I hate them a lot. My children also hate them.

Nobody likes them in our home. Because mosquitoes can cause malaria and malaria can kill someone, I don’t like to see them in my home at all. If there is electricity, one can switch on the fans or air-conditioner to blow the mosquitoes away. But if there’s no power supply, problem has come” She said.

She added “Everyone should buy generator. This is the most reliable alternative source of electricity that I know for now. Once you have fuel in it and you can maintain it, you are good to go. The solar panel system I have is not really effective for now. For example, the one I use in my home, once dust gathers on the panel outside, it stops working.

Also, if it rains, it won’t work. Talking about the inverter, it has to be charged with electricity before it can store some energy. Considering all these problems, generator is still the best alternative source of power. Whether there is sun or rain or dust, generator will keep on working.”

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