Thursday, 8 September 2016

Why Everyone Should Buy Generator In Nigeria — Helen Paul

Comic actress Helen Paul has advised that everyone should buy generator as a means of beating the problem of power in the country.

The actress who once used candles to study as an undergraduate didn’t find the experience funny has opted for generator when there is no light.

Meanwhile, she hates mosquitoes. Who doesn’t ? “Mosquitoes. I hate them a lot. My children also hate them.

Nobody likes them in our home. Because mosquitoes can cause malaria and malaria can kill someone, I don’t like to see them in my home at all. If there is electricity, one can switch on the fans or air-conditioner to blow the mosquitoes away. But if there’s no power supply, problem has come” She said.

She added “Everyone should buy generator. This is the most reliable alternative source of electricity that I know for now. Once you have fuel in it and you can maintain it, you are good to go. The solar panel system I have is not really effective for now. For example, the one I use in my home, once dust gathers on the panel outside, it stops working.

Also, if it rains, it won’t work. Talking about the inverter, it has to be charged with electricity before it can store some energy. Considering all these problems, generator is still the best alternative source of power. Whether there is sun or rain or dust, generator will keep on working.”

Instagram Kills Photo Maps As They’re ‘Not Widely Used’

Maintaining an app that is popular worldwide is not an easy task. It not only involves adding new useful features from time-to-time, but it also means that you need to remove the unnecessary ones.

After the addition of much-wanted zoom feature to the its iOS app last week, Instagram has now decided to do away with the less-used Photo Map feature from the photos sharing platform.

The Photo Map feature essentially allowed you to see the location of the pictures taken by other people by visiting their respective profiles, all laid out over a world map.

Instagram reportedly started removing the feature for some users last week.

Users are not able to see the Photo Map of other users but can apparently see their own Photo Map as of now. However, this is likely to change very soon.

“Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities,” the company said in a statement to Mashable.

An Instagram spokesperson further confirmed to Mashable that the move is not going to affect not affect the application’s API, which currently allows companies or developers to pull tagged location information from public posts, even if the post isn’t marked with a location tag. It is important to note that geotags for locations are not disappearing from the app – you will still be able to add a location while posting, click on location tag in an individual post, and see other photos from that particular location.

Instagram seems to be focused on competing with the likes of Snapchat, one of the apps that has gained momentum lately and has threatened the former’s position. Instagram has added some features lately that are clearly inspired from Snapchat, and seems to be now removing ones that make its app seem complicated.

22 Christian Groups kicks, Says Sultan Of Sokoto Can’t Declare Public Holiday On Sept 12th

A coalition of 22 Christian groups in Nigeria led by National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF), yesterday, said the declaration of September 12 as public holiday in commemoration of Eid-El-Kabir celebration by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, was the height of impunity.

A similar incident took place in July 2016, when Christian organisations criticised the extension of public holiday by the Federal Government over the non-sighting of the moon by the Sultan. A statement issued by the chairman of NCEF, Mr. Solomon Asemota (SAN), on behalf of the coalition and obtained by journalists in Abuja, said it was “very improper for the head of the Islamic faith in Nigeria to announce, declare, or extend public holidays.” The statement entitled: ‘Is the Federal Government Abdicating Its Responsibility?’, reads:

“We unequivocally wish to state that it is very improper for the head of the Islamic faith in Nigeria to announce, declare, or extend Public Holidays. “This is the function of the Federal Government and need not be abdicated. This kind of anomalous development has not been taking place in Nigeria until the advent of the Buhari Administration which has gone to great lengths to deepen religious divide and tension in Nigeria. “Again, we have no objection whatsoever to the Muslim Public Holiday but our concern is that in a secular society as enshrined in Section 10 of the Constitution, the responsibility of declaring or announcing a religious Public Holiday is vested in the Federal Government and such responsibility is sacrosanct.

“We are not unaware of various manipulations and acts of impunity to transform Nigeria from a Liberal Democratic society to an Islamic Theocratic State. As we stated in our previous paper, the full membership of Nigeria in OIC, in 1986, by the Babangida Military Administration is tantamount to making Nigeria an Islamic state. “The nation is yet to resolve this unilateral imposition of one religion over the nation by an individual. We also conclude that the present distress in the nation, occasioned by religious intolerance and insurgency, from the development of Boko Haram to the evolving of fanatical Muslim assailants, like the Fulani herdsmen, derive from this unilateral and improper decision of the Babangida Administration.

“Even the sponsors and actors of the membership of Nigeria in OIC in 1986 were aware of the illegality of their action and as such, kept it out of public knowledge for 10 years until 1996 when Sultan Dasuki confirmed to the Pope that Nigeria was a full member of the OIC.

“We wish to remind the present Administration that religion is a very sensitive and emotional aspect of Nigerians. The wisdom of the founding fathers of this nation to adopt Liberal Democracy as national ideology to accommodate all the divergent groups in the nation cannot be faulted.

“Any attempt to distort that delicate balance in the Nigerian society shall produce nothing but destruction and devastation as the nation is currently witnessing. There is still time for religious extremists to desist before they push Nigeria off the brink of the precipice.”

Nigeria Has Been Badly Governed- VP Yemi Osinbajo

The Vice President of the nation, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has said that Nigeria has been badly governed but that now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

He said this in a statement adding that there is no country that would have gone through all that Nigeria has gone through in terms of corruption and stealing and not pay the consequences.

The statement was made while receiving a delegation of the Northern States Pentecostal Bishops Forum in his office at the Presidential Villa.

He said, “This country has been badly governed. We are dealing for instance with the embezzlement of funds to the tune of $15B in one sector alone.

On the question on why speaking about the past is important, he said, “We have to, that is why we are here.”
“We have not turned attention to the oil and gas sector, where the former CBN Governor alleged that $20B was stolen.

We must condemn and stand up against this level of corruption. It is the single most important reason of the current state of the country. We can’t ignore it.”
He urged Christian leaders to be bold in the face of corruption and not be afraid to call it out, “we can’t say because they are Christians or Muslims we won’t condemn those involved in corruption.”

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Faithia Balogun Wins “Lead Actress” at the 2016 NEA

Nollywood Actress, Faithia Balogun won the award for the Lead Actress In a Film at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, which held in New York, USA on September 4th 2016.

Faithia beat Omoni Oboli, Adesua Etomi, Genevieve Nnaji, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Belinda Effah to win the award after her completely-immersing role in the movie titled “Ishanna”
‘Ishanna’ was released in 2015 and it featured other top Nollywood actors including Muyiwa Ademola, Kenny George, Babatunde Usman, Morenikeji Alausa to mention a few.

Commenting on the award, Faithia Balogun remarked,
“I am honoured to have this recognition bestowed on me at this level. We put a lot of effort into the project, and everyone is deserving of this award”.

This award makes the list of Faithia Balogun’s 2016 awards including City People Recognition Award and One of Most 100 Most influential Deltans Award.

Khloe Kardashian Now In Love With Tristan Thompson?

Khloe Kardashian has been focusing on
herself and not dating anyone lately. She
went through a hard time when Lamar Odom
almost died, and she had to focus on him
instead of herself. It turns out that Khloe is
now really heating things up with someone
new. E! Online shared that a lot of time with Tristan Thompson in Mexico this weekend.

You don’t just go on vacation with someone in Mexico if there is nothing at all going on. Khloe and Tristan were seen out riding jet skis and of course, the cameras were able to get a few pictures of them together.

Tristan plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers so it does sound exactly like the type of guy that Khloe would be attracted to and he’s similar to people she has dated in the past. It is obvious that she likes athletes. Khloe has really been taking care of herself lately so someone who likes to work out and stay in shape would be a good match for her. Khloe didn’t go on the trip by herself with Tristan, though. Khloe’s BFFs Malika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq were spotted along on the trip as well. They were also at Mandala nightclub Friday having a good time together.
The thing is, Khloe Kardashian was seen with Tristan Thompson, but the two were not spotted kissing, holding hands or doing any kind of PDA with each other on Friday night.

This made everyone wonder if they were more than just friends. On Saturday night, Khloe and Tristan showed everyone that it wasn’t just a friendship as they were seen getting a little more personal. A source spoke out and said, “They kissed a couple of times and held hands. They looked happy and were having a good time.” It really does look like things are going well for the couple.

This wasn’t the first time that Khloe Kardashian was spotted with Tristan Thompson. They have been seen out together more than once, but this was the first time anyone saw any PDA from them.
Khloe is still in Mexico at this time, but her sisters are not along on that trip with her.

They are off doing their own thing, and Khloe just took her best friends along. Hopefully, they can get to know Tristan and see if he is a good guy for her.

People shared earlier in the day that
are casually dating at this time. A source shared, saying, “Khloé and Tristan have been seeing each other for a little bit. He’s a really nice, good guy and she seems very happy with him.” The source went on to reveal, “It’s unclear for now if it’s going to turn [into]
anything super serious, but for now they’re
having a good time together.” At this time, it
sounds like Khloe and Tristan are not
jumping into anything, but they are having
fun together.

A lot of fans held out hope that Khloe
Kardashian and Lamar Odom would get back
together, but it really does seem like that is
over. Khloe has moved on, and Lamar isn’t
sticking up to his end of the deal of not
drinking and taking care of himself. It doesn’t
look like there is any way that Khloe would
ever take him back at this point.

Rukky Sanda Stuns In High Slit Dress As She Puts Her Cleavage & Thighs On Fleek

The beautiful Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda stepped out today in this beautiful high slit dress.

She posted these photos on IG and captioned them with;
All ur dreams can come true if u av d
courage to pursue them. #stayfocused
#dreambig #workhard #prayhard

PHOTOS: Borno IDPs Return Home 3 Years After

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Konduga Local Government of Borno State have returned home after about three years of residing in refugee camps in Maiduguri.

Governor Kashim Shettima urged them to be law abiding while at home. He added that the action was aimed at allowing the IDPs celebrate Sallah in their homes.

“We thank God for today because it is significant in our efforts to return people back to their liberated communities.

“Government has set aside 25 hectares of land to allow the people engage in meaningful ventures. We will assist those wishing to engage in agriculture in terms of improved seedlings and other things,” he promised.

Last week, the state government announced its intention to relocate IDPs from Konduga, Mafa and Dikwa councils back home following the return of peace to the areas.

Nigeria is Better Off With Lagos Than Niger Delta – Emir Sanusi

Emir of Kano, Sanusi Muhammad II (Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) has said that Nigeria will do well with having Lagos state that the whole of Niger Delta.

Emir Sanusi noted this on his Instagram page:

He wrote: “The Lagos story is a story of what Nigeria can do with itself – transparency, consistency, regulations. That’s why today Lagos state is 30% Nigerian non-oil GDP, and Lagos can do without oil. This country is better off with Lagos than with the Niger Delta. Let’s not make that mistake. We should be together as a country.

“Every part of the country is important. But, let us not be so obsessed by a resource, because we have had the commodity driven model, and we are blind to the potentials of an alternative model. Lagos doesn’t need oil. What is oil anyway? It is a raw material. You don’t drink it. You need it to move your vehicles. Now, you have electricity. You need it to fill your generator. Now you have solar power, and biomass. The future of oil is not there. So, those few people who are trying to break up this country over oil, after sometime that oil will be worthless.

Buhari Not to Blame for Economic Crisis – Jibrin to Maleye

Abdulmumin Jibrin, former house of representatives chairman on appropriations, has reacted to Sen Dino Melaye’s comments about the failure of Buhari’s administration to manage the economy.

Jibrin said it is “unfair and wicked” to blame the bad state of the economy on President Muhammadu Buhari, who is just over a year in office.

According to Jibrin, even a magician cannot turn around the economy within a period of one year in office.

He blamed the decline in oil price, which had adversely affected the country’s foreign reserves and mounted pressure on the naira, for the low recovery of the economy.

“Let me state very categorically that the President is not to blame on the state of our economy today,” Jibrin said.

“It is unfair and very wicked to push such blame on a man who just came on board barely a year ago. Not even a magician can turn around the economy within a period of one year.

“The biggest spending in our economy, that is the budget, hasn’t even run a full course of one year. Yet some people want to crucify President Buhari. Haba! Let’s face reality.

“We all know how badly oil price has gone, a situation that adversely affected our foreign reserves and mounted pressure on the naira.
“No matter what approach we adopt to manage and deal with the situation, recovery will be slow. It is not President Buhari’s fault.

“Everyone seems to forget when the whole country was supporting more spending as against saving. But here we are today, soaked in the rainy day.

President Buhari should not be used as anybody’s scape goat.”

He explained that the recurrent expenditure, which had escalated and constituted a huge burden on the country’s yearly budget that rose from N950.32billion in 2006 to N1.372.20 trillion in 2008 and later to N2.593.62 trillion in 2015, was not created by Buhari.
“Similarly, the total cash call (oil production cost) which rose from about N200 billion in 2006 to about N1.2 trillion in 2015 was not a creation of President Buhari,” he said.

“The cash call has remained another tale of burden on our yearly budget. Statutory transfers including that of the NASS are not left behind. Statutory transfers rose from just about N100 billion in 2006 to N375.62 billion in 2015. President Buhari was not the President then.

“Debt servicing also rose from about N300 billion in 2006 to N953.62 billion in 2015. These expenditures have over the years constrained the budget and made it difficult to channel sufficient funds towards productive sectors that can sufficiently grow the economy.

“Domestic borrowing also sky-rocketed during this period and created devastating consequences on the economy.

“Government at that time continued to mop up money from commercial banks at a rate considered one of the highest in the world, while the real sector is left with nothing. And even when they were able to access funds, it came with an unbearable interest rate.

“President Buhari met this situation on ground. He did not create it, but is doing his very best to take us out of the economic quagmire. We should all support him.”

Commenting on the call by Melaye on Buhari to sack some ministers, Jibrin disagreed with the senator saying Nigerians are in the habit of asking for the sack of public officers for sentimental reasons or envy.
“In my assessment, I have not seen any member of the President’s cabinet today — from SGF, HOS to ministers — that is not good enough to hold the office. At worse, the President may wish to reshuffle a couple of or more ministers based on their strength and weaknesses for better service delivery,” he said.

“I believe that most of the present cabinet ministers can source information or knowledge from these reservoir when the need arises. I have worked very closely with most of them and I am convinced that they have proved their mettle despite managing a very difficult situation that they did not create.

“I am sure nobody can question the competence of Udoma Udoma. Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun is also doing her best, and having worked with her, I am convinced she has all it takes to turn around the economy.

“The Central Bank Governor is managing the most challenging period the apex bank has ever witnessed. I think the president has worked with this team for about a year. His cabinet team understands him better and vice-versa.

“I am therefore calling on my colleague, brother and friend, Senator Dino Melaye that we should rather look inward and address our own contribution to this problem as lawmakers.

“We can start by addressing the budget and other monumental fraud under the watch of Speaker Yakubu Dogara, a systemic corruption that affected and continued to derail the economy of our dear country.”

Nicki Minaj Puts Banging Body On Fleek (PHOTOs)

Nicky Minaj she is definitely hot

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Barcelona Sign Ronaldinho Again!

It has come to light that the Brazilian, who earned hero status at Camp Nou after helping the Blaugrana return to their former glory, will work with the club once more…

Ronaldinho is back at Barcelona! But don’t get too excited, fans, as it is in a non-playing role…

The Brazilian, 36, is teaming up with the club he helped return to its former glory between 2003 and 2008 to act as an ambassador.

Barcelona are opening a new office in New York, USA, to enhance their growth internationally on 6 September, which has brought about them re-signing Ronaldinho.

The Catalan giants will certainly prove to be a hit in the States if Ronaldinho is good an ambassador as he was with his feet back in his heydey at Camp Nou.

Fayose Reacts to Ali Modu Sheriff’s Visit to Obasanjo

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has reacted to Saturday’s visit of former Governor Ali Modu Sheriff to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, saying it was a coming together of collaborators in the total annihilation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The governor said it was on record that both Mr. Obasanjo and Mr. Sheriff
collaborated to destroy the All Nigerians Peoples Party (ANPP) and their meeting Saturday must be to further collaborate to destroy the PDP.

Governor Fayose, who reacted to the visit through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said, “Sheriff can as well begin to sleep in Obasanjo’s house, it is good riddance to bad rubbish.

“Since Obasanjo is no longer a member of the PDP and he has consistently maintained that he can never return to the PDP, only those in the same league with him can go about visiting him.”

He said it was hypocritical and deceitful for Sheriff to have said he
went to see Mr. Obasanjo to seek advice on the way forward for the PDP because he (Obasanjo) was among those who made the PDP to lose the presidency, despite the fact that no one benefited from the party more than him.

Governor Fayose said Mr. Sheriff only visited Mr. Obasanjo as part of his plot
with the All Progressives Congress (APC) to destroy the PDP, adding that; “no genuine lover of the PDP will go to the house of a man who openly destroyed his PDP membership card and worked assiduously to ensure the party’s failure in the 2015 presidential election to seek advice on how the way forward for the PDP.”

He reiterated his call to Nigerians to beware of Mr. Obasanjo, saying; “The result of Obasanjo’s imposition of President Mohammadu Buhari on the country is the hunger and sufferings that Nigerians are facing now.”

‘PDP Is Dying, You Are Just Responsible for Its Funeral Rites’ – Obasanjo to Ali Modu Sheriff

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Saturday warned a factional chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Modu Sheriff, that the party was “dying”, and he just be responsible for its final rites.

Mr. Obasanjo spoke to Mr. Sheriff who visited him in Abeokuta on Saturday. He later explained to journalists what he said had been the subject of their closed-door meeting.

“He called me yesterday and said ‘where are you’ and I said, ‘I am in the country’ and he said, ‘May I come and see you?’ and I said ‘my house is open to all Nigerians of goodwill and even non-Nigerians of goodwill. And I said, he can come’,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

“I have said to my brother that I wish him well with the dying baby they have put on his laps because PDP is comatose and he was of course not in PDP, he has never been in PDP until now. When I was in PDP, I tried and encouraged him to come and join PDP, but he did not come, but the PDP they have given him now is a dying PDP, a dying baby, it needs to be in intensive care, otherwise, he will just be an undertaker,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

Speaking further, the former president said he had not rescinded his decision to renounce partisan politics.

“Let me make it absolutely clear once and again, I have not renounced partisan politics, I don’t belong to any political party, not to talk of his own faction of PDP or any other faction of PDP. But he came and I am very very happy to receive him and I said ‘look, for my own education, for my own knowledge, tell me what exactly is happening’, and he briefed me,” he said.

“And, as they all want to say now, ‘well, you were once the father of PDP’, I was once the leader, for eight years, I was the leader of PDP but the PDP that I was the leader of is not the PDP of today.

The PDP of today, if you can talk of a party again as PDP, its soul has been taken out of it and those who allowed that to happen are, unfortunately, either in the country or out of the country unperturbed about the fate of the party and indeed the fate of the country.”
The former president said for democracy to thrive in the country there must be strong political party as opposition.

“For our democracy to thrive we need strong political party in government and strong political party in opposition. Today, PDP cannot claim to be a strong party in opposition, I don’t know if APC can claim, at the national level, to be a strong party in government either. Now that is part of the misfortune of this country today.

“That being the case, it must be the concern of all Nigerians that the present democratic dispensation must not be allowed to be derailed and for it not to be derailed, we must have a strong political party in government and a strong political party in opposition’.

“When they talk about institution, a political party is an institution and in a democracy, it is a very important institution that we must all nourish and we must all cherish’.

“But like I said, it is the responsibility of all Nigerians of goodwill and all friends of Nigeria that wish this country well that we should ensure that the institution that will underpin a virile, dynamic, thriving democracy are put in place,” he said.
In his own remarks, Mr. Sheriff said he called on Mr. Obasanjo to help solve a problem within the crisis-ridden party.

“Baba has spoken everything, Baba said the PDP given to me is a dying PDP, he built the PDP that everybody cherished; Baba, whether today in politics or outside politics, he has a role in Nigeria nation and every one of us that is looking up to him,” Mr. Sheriff said.

“If we have a problem, we must come to him for solution, therefore, since we are looking for solution whether he is inside, he has said he’s not going to play any partisan politics, we agree but he is our father, father of the Nigeria nation and the grandfather of PDP, therefore, the soul that has gone, he has to bring it back to us and through his advice, we will get through.

“You know, Baba is very correct, so many things have gone wrong and it will be alright Insha Allah. Making it right is a matter of concentration and talking to the right people.

“Baba told you already, Nigeria needs a strong party in government and outside government and he also told you that both are needed for democracy to survive, he keeps saying this as a practical experience as a two-time president of Nigeria, every wisdom that we want to lead our party, he has it and that is why we come to consult him,” Mr. Sheriff told journalists.

Justin Bieber Covers Tracy Chapman And Tupac On BBC1 Live Lounge in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Taking to the stage with his guitarist, Justin did some cover songs by Tracy Chapman and Tupac, some of his owns songs and acoustic versions of collaborations.

The half an hour set also included some interview parts, and while some of the interview parts were a tad awkward (Justin even apologised for it afterwards), the Biebs still got what it takes in the performance department!

Check out some of his performances below;

I don't usually get nervous but tonight I was thrown off and I was. Sorry about that. Really wanted to be my best. Hope u all had fun.

Football Legend, Pele Set to Visit Nigeria On September 22

Brazil football legend, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, popularly known as Pele, will now visit Nigeria on September 22.

The 75-year-old was initially scheduled to arrive in August, but the trip was moved forward because of health reasons.

Pele was also pencilled down to light the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony of this year’s Games but withdrew only few hours before the event at the Maracana.

His two-day visit to Nigeria, will focus on the development of football and the Nigerian youths. There will be a celebrity exhibition match and exclusive dinner with selected guests.

It will be Pele’s second time in the country, after he first came 50 years ago.

Why I Visited Obasanjo – Ali Modu Sheriff

Faction Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff met with former President Olusegun Obasanjo at his Hilltop residence in Abeokuta today.

Senator Sheriff eulogised the leadership of the former President saying his visit was part of the ongoing consultation aimed at finding lasting solutions to the leadership crisis in the PDP.

On his part, former President Olusegun Obasanjo advocated a strong party in power and a strong opposition party, if Nigeria’s democracy must be strong, dynamic and cherished.

The former President described the PDP as “a party whose soul has been taken away and a party in comatose”.

He spoke on the recent crisis in the PDP, under which he was once the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ali Modu Sheriff in Closed-Door Meeting With Obasanjo

Factional national chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is currently holding a closed-door meeting with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in his Abeokuta Presidential Hilltop residence, The Punch reports.

Sheriff arrived at the former president’s residence at 11:04am in a convoy of four Sport Utility vehicles.

He rode in a Mercedez Benz AMG with the number plate AAA 673 BL.

Saturday, 27 August 2016


A top Chieftain of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), in Lagos State, Ganiyu Quadri, has reiterated that his party is doing everything possible to place the agro-business scheme run by the State government in Kebbi State on a high end, so that the cost of rice will drop to a mere N9,000 by December, from the present price of between N18,500 and N20,000.

Quadri, who is the Chairman of Alimosho Local Government Area in the state, made this bold declaration while receiving a delegation of Rotary Club of Akowonjo 9110, led by its District-Governor, Patrick Ikheloa, and President, Shola Abidakun, stressing that the APC administration in Lagos swung into agro-business to ensure food security for its people.

“By the end of this year, or first quarter next year, things will change in Lagos.

Already, we are into agro-business in Kebbi State. We have massive land on which we planted grains, among which is rice, our people’s staple food. And it is expected that the truckloads of rice will storm Lagos soon.”

“So, I can assure you that before the end of this year, the price of a bag of rice, which is N18,000, will drop to N9,000.”

Mercy Aigbe - Gently Looking Stunning In New Photos

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has rolled out new photos from a shoot